Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BrickPak Unboxing - August 2015 - "Construction" by FoxBlockhead


The next installment of the geeky and fun Brick Pak has now arrived and is themed "Construction" for August, 2015. That means that all the Lego and Lego themed items are all Construction based. I have also recorded an unboxing video highlighting the items in this box, which is linked below.

As you can see from the picture, there are 6 very cool items (and 1 not pictured) in this Pak.

First, although not pictured because I'm wearing it right now, is an exclusive shirt with the text "Master Builder" across the front. The size is a perfect fit and the colour goes very nicely on me. Just ask my wife!

Just like in all the BrickPaks I have received so far, there are some recurring items that change with the theme:
- The Polybag for this month is a mobile jackhammer. A quick build also including a minifigure to add to our collection.
- A Lego Minifigure from minifigures.com
- A Parts Pak with pieces to build some construction road-cones, a construction barrier, and a hand-held signal.
- A pair of sticker sheets with stickers to cut out and add to my Lego creations. The diagonal striped sticker and triangle 'emergency' stickers can even be added to the parts pak pieces straight away too!

A construction themed item I didn't see coming was the silicone tray. I filled it with water and added it to the freezer almost immediately to see if it could be used for ice. I also see uses including playdough, sand, and cakes (not all at the same time).

Finally, there is a Lego figure craft that is printed on glossy card. You cut the figure out and glue together to create a very nice little addition to any desk. The figures included in the BrickPak for this month are a male and female construction worker. I made the male figure to show what it looked like when it was built.
They are a nice addition to this pak and a great little craft idea.

The craft was included in partnership with Fox Shop, a haven for all things creative, educational and fun. In addition to the construction workers, 2 other characters were created and are now available exclusively at Fox Shop online and in the Everton Park store (Northern Brisbane suburbs). The additional characters are a male ice cream vendor and female scientist.

Overall, I enjoyed this BrickPak and I can see myself wearing the shirt all the time! It will be interesting to see whether the silicone tray can handle making ice, but even if it doesn't it will make a great mold. The Lego will be proudly displayed on my shelf alongside the other Lego models I have. I have plans to build the other 3 characters from the glossy card and I will post images on my twitter feed @foxblockhead as they are completed.

If you would like to order your own BrickPak, simply head over to brickpak.com and check out their subscription options (1, 3, & 6 month options are available).

thanks BrickPak for another great box. I look forward to next month when the theme is "Blue".

That's what the Fox Says...
See ya later alligators...