Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Minecraft BINGO by Fox Blockhead - week of July 3rd - seed: 5111

G'Day everyone,

Today I announce the launch of a new weekly challenge... BINGO!

Lorgon111, an extremely talented programmer in the Minecraft space, has created a game of BINGO in Minecraft!

The game operates as follows:

- You choose whether to play a random map or one of the challenge seeds.

- When you spawn in the world, you have a stack of 64 maps that show you the 5x5 BINGO grid.

- As you collect the items on the grid, command block trickery lets you know you have collected an item.

- If you throw (default 'q') one of your maps, the map will update with the collected item highlighted.

- Finally, you attempt to collect 5 items in a row [a-la Bingo] to complete the challenge.

 It's that simple!

The challenge I have chosen to attempt is to find as many items on the 5x5 grid as possible in 25 minutes. There are many people on the Reddit thread who have attempted the same challenge seed [5111 for this week] and there is a leader-board too.

Watch the video to see how I go and look out for more of these challenges in the weeks to come. It was intense, but a lot of fun!

That's what the Fox Says...

See you later alligators...